CBSE Affiliation No
Notice Board @ JNV Salbani

Facilities @ JNV, Salbani, Mayurbhanj

  • No. of Periodicals-15
  • No. of Dailies-48
  • No. of Reference Books-4431
  • No. of Magazine-35

The Facility of library will be extended to the neighboring schools on receiving requisition.

Scout & Guide:

Samiti is recognized as a state for Scouts and Guides activities by BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES. Scouts & Guides are introduced in all the JNVs. Every year many scouts & Guides of JNVs bring laurels being adjudged as president scouts and excellent guides by receiving awards by the Hon?ble President of India.


  • Song and Dance Competition
  • Debate and Quiz Competition
  • Mehendi Competition

Smart Class:

Effective implementation of Smart School Project in JNV Mayurbhanj, innovative method in teaching learning process is extended. Separate timetable has been prepared for the classes VI to X (for all the sections) by allotting two periods each in respect of Social Science, Science and Mathematics. Allotted periods are consecutive periods, so that more work can be done by the students.


It is well equipped and systematically placed where the students of class VI to XII are studying in research and investigation mode of practical and other project works.


People must know to live effectively and constructively in the society. As responsible social members, people must be aware of their duties and responsibilities. Through various activities under NSS our efforts is to develop in them the attitude and quality like social service, social work, cooperation, self help, Brotherhood and above all love for mankind as well as animal kind.

Sl No Date Activity
1. 7TH April ’2015 World Health Day
2. 11th July 2015 World Population Day
3. 15th August 2015 Independence Day
4. 20th August ’2015 Sadbhabana Day
5. 8th September 2015 International Literacy Day
6. 21st September 2015 International Peace Day
7. 19th November ’2015 National Integration Day
8. 1st December ’2015 World Aids Day
9. 10th December ’2015 World Human Right Day
10. 12th January 2016 National Youth Week

N.B: 8th July to 14th July International Literacy Week, 1st August to 8th August Special Programme for 7 Days (Tentative) and NSS Day on 24th September.

Eco Club:

Functioning under the guidance of TGT ( Study of environment and plantation is the main objective. Prakruti Mitra Programme is continuing & Vidyalaya has been awarded for this.


The Basic Idea around which the whole Vidyalaya set up run is the house System. For the purpose of CCA the students are divided into four houses. The 4 houses namely Aravali, Nilgiri, Shivalik, Udaygiri giving importance to 4 major mountain ranges of India However for safety & security there are Ten Houses. These Ten houses are Aravali-A, Aravali-B, Nilgiri-A, Nilgiri-B, Shivalik-A, Shivalik-B, Udaygiri-A, Udaygiri-B, Girls Senior, Girls Junior. Teachers act as House Master and associate House Master to take care of the students in the dormitories. Students participate in any of the school activities only on the basis of their house. The name of House Masters, Associate House Masters, Captains are as detailed below. There are also 02 Matrons for the Girls hostel.

Health and Medical checkup:

  • Periodic Health Check UP of students (Twice in year)
  • Administer of Vaccine Hepatitis-B, Tetanus to Class VI students.
  • First Aid Awareness Programme for students.
  • Participation in national campaign (Polio, AIDS etc)

Music Room:

All the musical instruments are available.

Indoor Games:

In our school Table Tennis, Chess are conducted in Vidyalaya.